Gloucestershire female

Gloucestershire female

Note you knowe its not often that you find a profile where a member is looking for something else other than just a fuck! but by the looks of this this Gloucestershire female swingers has been having some fun meet single males and is now looking for something a little more than just a shag

So if your looking to meet with a girl that CLEARLY loves sex then this is one Cheltenham members profile you really need to read especally if your a single male as I do get the impression shes looking for a little more although shes posted up some great bareback swingers pics and pretty obvously loves anal sex looking at the attached photo I posted her, although it came a close second to the photo of her laying on the bed giving herself a deep what looks like four finger fingering !!

So want to offer something other than just a fuck? read this members profile   Continue reading….

31 July 2009 · Category: Gloucestershire  
Colchester swinger

Colchester swinger

Note – you know if its a horny Essex swinger your after then check out this recent profile added by Colchester female swingers thats looking for males and females for full swapping sex, but looking for a fuck buddie that will want to go bareback once some regular meets have been estibalbish

If your after a horny male and want to find a partner to hit the swingers clubs then here’s your contact as this member wants to try the clubs but needs a fuck buddie to take her and with most clubs only really interested in letter couples in then if your a single males then this member from Colchester answers all your problems

She’s also looking to hear from bifems for girls only fun so any female swingers from Essex drop her a line, read her profile

Hi, I’m a Selectively horny women thats seeking local sex buddy or buddies for lots of swapping contacts Continue reading….

29 July 2009 · Category: Essex  
Horny Housewife

Horny Housewife

Note – As a fan of anal sex and bareback swingers this members profile did someone JUMP out at me after all any Kent swingers profile were the member is clearly looking for anal sex and condom free fucking needs further investigation.

One thing I noticed is some females are completely against anal sex whilst other women love it and actively looking for asex contacts when taking a fucking up the real is almost excepted the norm – mind you as you can see from the attached photo from this  Bexleyheath swingers if you don’t want to fuck her Anally shes got a very nice sized butt plug that can be used!

If your looking to take someone along to Eureka swingers club Kent then drop this member a line as by the sounds of things shes a regular visitor and from a single males viewpoint this is all your Christmas’s “cum” true in one hit, after all if you want to go to a club what better to do than take a horny bareback swinger and one that loves an anal fucking, this is one member you can have some fun with, read her swingers profile advert Continue reading….

28 July 2009 · Category: Kent  
Stamford Swinger

Stamford Swinger

Note – Stamford swinger looking to meet with others for pretty near most things and as a bareback swinging fan this member is also happy to play either with or without protection so you’ll need to speak to her to have this confirmed

You often read female swingers profiles but its really pretty clear this member is about as horny as they “cum” and loves sex and has the naughty promiscuous personality that any male, bifem or couple would love meet up with, I suggest you read her profile and drop her a line 

Hi I’m a VERY big busty girl from Pboro , Stamford, Bourne area thats looking for contacts for full on meets as I love sex and can never get enough and looking to meet with members for fun, GREAT sex, friendship and a bit of company would be nice if thrown in. Continue reading….
27 July 2009 · Category: Cambridgeshire  
North West Couple

North West Couple

Note – It nice when you see old members returning and this couple are looking to meet with others although not what you would class as harden Cheshire swingers so please don’t just send them a one line message ” wanna fuck” as you’ll probably never get a response but if your looking to meet with a couple that enjoy the social ands swinging scene then this couples swingers profile really need checking out and having the advantage of viewing their profile photos can tell you this is one horny couple

Hi we players from the past now returning after increasing our family so looking to meeting up with both old and hopefully great new friends – how every if your idea of dropping someone is a flirt message asking if you want a fuck then please look elsewhere as we are NOT for you

A bit more about us we are swingers theplays and used to play here before under the member name playtime1967 and we’ve been away for about a year expanding our family and now looking for fun lol in a way that only swingers can have ;o). Continue reading….

24 July 2009 · Category: Cheshire  
Lowestoft Female

Lowestoft Female

Note – Its something every swinging couple is looking for a single female swinger from Lowestoft thats looking to meet with couples, males, females for threesome swinging. It always used to be the case that many females used to be either just looking for males or females but now more females are looking for couples

So couples you have no excuse, although I think whilst couples more so males may well say they want a threesome they know that once the girls get playing the guy is going to be redundant LOL

Either way read this members personals advert and if you want FFM or MMF threeway then read her swingers profile advert and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree from looking at the posted photo she’s got one hell of a sexy ass !!!  – posting under the photo the member has posted ” wanna slip it in” Continue reading….

22 July 2009 · Category: Suffolk  
Nuneaton Group Fucker

Nuneaton Group Fucker

Note – Want to meet with a horny female swinger from Nuneaton / Warwickshire thats up for some group sex with males between 18-45? whilst bareback maybe an option you’ll need to chat about this during the meet and this member sometimes considers bareback swingers, either way read her forum posting first then her profile advert 

Hi, horny and looking for group sex with males and I’m ideally after 5 guys along with my boyfriend for gangbang sex, but sorry no beer bellies and males need to be between 18-45 only

Anyone contacting me whilst I do love to see photos of your cock I would also like a face shot as well and I’m not fussed if your married, single, bi males in fact all comers welcome so long as you fit within my age group and are fit !  

I live in Nuneaton so you must be able to come to us in Warwickshire and if you drop me a line I can let you have some idea on the dates I’m trying to work out with other members that have already contacted and want to be in my group fun
Continue reading….

21 July 2009 · Category: Warwickshire  
Milton Keynes Swapping couple

Milton Keynes Swapping couple

Note – Want to meet with a horny couple from Milton Keynes thats looking for either soft swapping contacts or Full swaps depending on what your happy with, although any penetration is always done with protection so if that doesn’t interest you please don’t contact us as we never play without protection.

This couple are only looking for females or couples, but they are not into endless emails and will want an early meet so read there swingers personals advert from Buckinghamshire

Horny couple for swapping fun and also threesome contacts, we love to experiment & hopefully have lots fun naughty sex

Hi Guys, thanks for reading our profile and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon   Continue reading….

20 July 2009 · Category: Buckinghamshire  
Maidstone Crossdresser

Maidstone Crossdresser

Note – Looking to meet with a Maidstone Crossdresserthat loves her sexy ass player with? then read this profile and I’ve got to say thats one hell of fuckable ass this maidstone CD has ! and from reading her profile and checking out her pics its pretty clear that this gal loves her sexy arse played with

So any members that wants to meet a bareback crossdresser from Kent read this profile, just wished I was nearer as I’d love to put my hand across her ass and give her a good spanking

Horny TV maidstone thats looking for members that love anal, spanking and on occasions barebackfun, so bottom crossdresser here looking for lovers and spankers, please read on

A bit about about me, although hopefully after looking at my photos your keen to contact me ( I especially love the one after I’ve just taken good spanking and my bum is red with hand marks) I’m a pretty convincing crossdresser thats into my forties but I like to take care of the old bod so keep myself nice and slim and always ready for some attention Continue reading….

19 July 2009 · Category: Kent  
Caravan Swingers

Caravan Swingers

Note – you know as caravan swingers buy Notes on a Scandal  I bet these members have a great time, after all you jump in your caravan drive to some swingers or adult friends caravan park and start swapping around in caravans or some cases tents – and so long as you’ve got the UK summer weather what a great way to meet other swinging couples

Due to the popularity of caravan swinging we’ve now set up a dedicated section just for couple that arte looking to meet others at various adult friendly caravan sites around the UK and whilst you could just pull into any caravan park around the UK its best you get the permission of the site

Many couple are getting into this and this one particular couples profile caught my eyes as they are based in Cambridgeshire and I would presume drive all around the UK going to various caravan parks and meet with other adults and swapping in their vans Continue reading….

17 July 2009 · Category: Cambridgeshire  

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