Geordie Swingers

Geordie Swingers

Note – horny Geordie swingers that may well have joined this site as a newbies but looking at their contacts they are no longer newbies (one of the nice features of our swingers website site is you can view members contacts and friends and what this shows is how busy / genuine they are about meeting with other Swingers )

You know its not often that a young couple say they are looking to hear from single males! but this couple are so if your up for a MMF threesome then I suggest you drop them a line mind you it help if you live in the North East even better if Durham

Read their profile and contact them –  hi we are first time swingers that are looking for males & couples to show us the way, and “shock” we are BOTH straight so no bi contacts please Continue reading….

31 August 2009 · Category: Tyne & Wear  
Chesterford Couple

Chesterford Couple

Note – looking to meet up with a horny swingers Chesterford then read this recently submitted profile from a mixed raced swingers ( the wife if white, no great shock there looking at the attached photo and the husband is black )

If your looking to meet with couple that have a submissive BBW wife then read this advert especially if your a single male! – yes thats right a couple looking to hear from single males so if you live in the Chesterford / Essex area then drop this couple a line and make sure you check out their profile photos as they’ve posted a great selection

 One thing I would say is this couple have posted a great profile with loads of photos and I just wish others would do similar so if your after a  horny BBW and Sexy BBC read on

Hi, thanks for reading our profile and we are mixed raced swinging couple thats a BBW wife and black husband thats a discreet professional forty something couple with a good standard of living. Continue reading….

27 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
Sudbury cuckold

Sudbury cuckold

Note –  want to meet with a horny BBW wife from Sudbury in Suffolk ? then read this profile thats been submitted by cuckold husband couple, if your unsure what cuckoldry is about, in a nutshell the husband will want to watch younger males fuck his bbw wife, either bareback or safe sex deoending on what you want

Also looking to hear from other bi swingers ( female) as shes had some expereinces with other women and keen to try with other bifems so – read their profile and drop them a line

Hi, we hope you enjoy reading our bbw profile and we are looking for younger male swingers to seduce my wife and hopefully further turn her into a dirty real slut wife and so that I get the plesure of watching her take a real hard fucking!

please read on   Continue reading….

25 August 2009 · Category: Suffolk  
Colchester Contact

Colchester Contact

Note – Want to meet up with a horny Colchester swingers or should I say women? this personals advert caught my eyes for a couple of reasons the first being some of the photos she posted up ……….fucking yum the other being the fact she obviously loves anal sex and anyone that loves bareback sex is always top of my contacts list

not only is she an anal sex fan she also prefers backbacking mind you is there any other way to have anal sex thats bareback, so read her Colchester NSA Contacts profile and if your looking for threesomes, foursome then drop her a message   

Hi, wanna shag a horny Essex women that loves deep hard anal fucking and the wilder side to anal swinging

Hi, I’m a thirty something women that just loves hard, dirty barebacking sex and that can mean anal, group, MMF threesomes so long as the end result is I get loads of sex    Continue reading….

24 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
Colchester Swinger

Colchester Swinger

Note – This member has posted a photo but as its a head & shoulders photo I can’t really post it hear, but as a member either free or paid you’ll be able to see her, and trust me they don’t make girls from Greece ugly! and this Colchester female swinger will defiant get you hitting the contact button

 Any couples especially if your female is bisexual then this member sounds like shes dying to try sex with another women, and from males viewpoint any guy with a female partner would be one lucky member to get her playing with his g/f whilst he watched

She’s not looking for anything other than NSA fun so read her profile and drop her a line, geeky girl thats seeking swingers / adult fun with intelligent men and couples either with a straight female or bi-curious like myself

My name is Chloe and I was born in Greece, so have a sexy all over sexy tan & olive skin . I’m looking for some real excitement as I have a naff  boring job and surrounded by women so hardly get the chance to mix up with males and don’t even have the chance to do one of my favorite past times which is teasing men LOL Continue reading….

21 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
Belstead Couple

Belstead Couple

Note – you know when someone says they want to make an amateur swingers video normally they don’t look as HOT as this couple and I think you’ll agree even from looking at the posted photo here with this guys wife taking a double fucking they are up for some pretty serous amateur action in this DVD they are taking about making

They are also looking for swingers contacts within Exhibitionism, Group sex, Swingers parties, Swinging, Wife Swapping

Horny couple from Essex looking to make an amateur porn movies so any budding stars drop us a line

We are an attractive couple thats been in the swinging scene for some years and like most have watched some pretty naff swingers porn so have decided to make our own as we know we can do a better job than the loads of other stuff out there Continue reading….

20 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
High Wycombe Couple

High Wycombe Couple

Note – High Wycombe couple thats looking to chat and meet with others, if you see them in the chatroom and wanna chat then drop them a line as they are always keen to talk with other members.

If your a single male then I’d stop reading this advert as this couple are only looking to meet with other swinging couples but this couple are happy to play both safe or bareback if you prefer your swinging more natural as I know some members prefer to play without a condom

Like most couples with a bifem they are also happy to hear from other single bifems, you know as a single female thats also bisexual I should think at a guess you NEVER have to send messages out as you are always in massive demand by couples, either way this profile was recently updated so read this swingers personals advert and drop them a line     Continue reading….

18 August 2009 · Category: Buckinghamshire  
Staffordshire Swingers

Staffordshire Swingers

Note – you know its not often you come across a members profile where BOTH are bisexual its normally either the female in most cases but with this Birmingham Swingers they are both bi although the male is only orally bi ( which again is normal)

Like a lot of swingers they are looking at getting into the dogging scene and posted up looking for advice and help on finding dogging locations around Birmingham. One of the big advantages of being members of our swingers website is we have dedicated sections for swingers to chat, blog and make forum posting

By using these sections its a great place to post details of dogging information and locations after all whilst theirs loads of dogging sites most of those only post only outdated information, here your asking West Midlands Swingers wheres the best doing locations, so who better to ask

Here’s details of their profile advert along with their recent forum posting . Continue reading….

17 August 2009 · Category: Staffordshire  
Crawley Swingers

Crawley Swingers

Note – Want to meet with a every sexy couple from Crawley thats looking at holding a hot tub swingers party! – after all if your going to have a garden sex party you MUST have a hot tub for some fun in the hot water! Having owned a hot tub for many years its got to be one of the best ways to get a swingers party going – after all all those bubbles no one knows who’s touching who!

One thing to consider this Sussex couple will want to chat via a webcam before any meets are arranged and with most laptops having webcams I think its a pretty genuine request and its one way of making sure you are serious about meet up, so read their profile and drop them a line if you want to meet with this Sussex swingers couple

Hi cheers for reading our profile, we are a sexy couple ( least we think so ) thats looking for safe fun with others hopefully meeting with new members  Continue reading….

14 August 2009 · Category: West Sussex  
Southend on Sea Voyeur

Southend on Sea Voyeur

Note – you know having spent sometime around Southend on Sea I think I can be pretty sure to this mature swingers couple didn’t have this photo taken on their?  mind you this swinging couple I’m sure wouldn’t be able to take a photo like this on the beach? not unless their some naturist beach on Southend

Its pretty clear from looking at this couples photos they are not shy and have no problems in showing their faces ands a hell of a lot more within their swingers personals advert – probably one of the reasons they have said if you don’t have a face photo when you contact them then don’t bovver, so make sure you attach one otherwise it doesn’t matter how hot you are if they can’t see you they won’t respond, which looking at their pics I can understand this

Hi – all we are a horny mature couple that enjoys the swinging scene both watching others play and joining in for full swaps, please read our profile and drop us a line   Continue reading….

13 August 2009 · Category: Essex  

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