Abingdon Dogging location

Note – Looking to meet with an Abingdon Dogging couple? read this members posting thats looking to meet with local Oxfordshire dogging  contacts and from looking at the horny wife in this profile they are not going to be short of getting any action

They are looking for Abingdon Dogging locations and will be at Culham Lock and if your unsure where it is then drop this couple a private message ( a feature members have) for full details and the location, but if not a member then you better check the maps around Oxfordshire

Either way up you up for some outdoor sex read this posting and drop by Culham Lock for dogging action Continue reading….

31 October 2010 · Category: Oxfordshire  

Manchester Soft Swap

Note – Fancy trying a bit of Manchester Soft Swapping meets with a couple? read this members profile thats NOT looking for hardened swingers in other words they want to build sexy friendships rather than just meeting couples and having sex and nothing else

If your looking to build swinging friends from Manchester read this couples profile advert and whilst they have only added a couple of photos to there profile its pretty clear whats on offer looking at this Lancashire horny housewife, they have posted a private photo that hopefully shows the husband

Either way, read this Manchester personals advert and contact them for more details Continue reading….

29 October 2010 · Category: Manchester  

Midlands Cuckold

Note – West Midlands cuckold couple looking for bulls  / single males but you must be bisexual or at least comfortable about letting my husband suck your cock / perform Midlands cuckold clean up

If your new to the whole idea of meeting with West Midlands cuckold couples then I suggest you do a little research before contacting this couple as this meet is not just about some single guy fucking his wife whilst he watches, the hubby will have some involvement

This couple have restricted access of photos to approved members only so you will have to send them a message to get access and arrange a meet at the same time – either way read this West Midlands cuckold ad Continue reading….

26 October 2010 · Category: West midlands  

Thetford Dogging

Note – Want to meet for some dogging in Thetford? then read this posting as this couples setting up some meets near Two Mile Bottom park near Thetford – if your unsure of the directions its –

2 Mile Bottom is near Thetford county Forest Park with the nearest town. To find it follow the A134, Thetford to Mundford Rd. Then approximately 2 miles outside of Thetford, turn right signposted Two Mile Bottom picnic site and you’ve found it

If your looking for some outdoor action and by the looks of things some guaranteed dogging action drop this couple a line and they will give you more details and the full location of where they will be Continue reading….

23 October 2010 · Category: Norfolk  

Glasgow Dogging

Note – Horny women living in Glasgow thats looking for meets for outdoor sex,  she loves dogging and keen to hear from couples and very much so dogging scottish single males as shes up for small group meets

If your looking for outdoor sex in Glasgow then contact this member, although images used are random profile photos as this members not posted photos within her Scottish dogging personals advert

Hi thanks for checking my ad out even thought its a little thin on the photos side, but I’ll tell you why when you contact me. I’m a horny scottish women that lives in Glasgow and has only recently found dogging! – what can I say I’m a late starter LOL

I’ve been dogging at Bellshill industrial estate and have meet up with a few horny lorry drivers that have had the pleasure of fucking me, but I’m looking for more and also other Glasgow Dogging locations so if you know of any other than Bellshill dogging please let me know Continue reading….

21 October 2010 · Category: Scotland  

Warmington Swingers

Note – Want to meet with Warmington Swinger ? then read this couples profile advert that from reading it obviously prefers the more kinky side to meeting members rather than just straight old meets – quite how kinky you will have to confirm but thankfully all meets are West midlands bareback contacts

If you looking to meet and live within the West Mids region then I suggest you read this couples personals advert and for more details and access to private photos they have within their Warmington Swingers ad then just drop them a line.

Kinky Warmington Couple thats looking for meeting with couples, and singles swingers and will consider meeting with local males but you must be smooth – so read on local horny people. Continue reading….

21 October 2010 · Category: Warwickshire  

South Wales BBW

Note – looking to meet with a South Wales BBW? This couple from Monmouthshire is looking for meets with others for party invites ( hopefully) and dogging around the Newport / Monmouthshire region so read this Wales BBW ad and contact her for more details

Shes / they’ve not posted any photos unfortunately so you will have to drop them a line to get them to send some over so you can check out this South Wales BBW member but lets be honest you know she’s going to be one sexy babe being first welsh as I’ve not seen many ugly welsh women and second being a BBW – yum

So images used here are NOT this Monmouthshire BBW they are in fact random bbw members photos from the some of the sample profiles listed within this swingers blog – so enjoy and better still log in and contact this member Continue reading….

17 October 2010 · Category: Wales  

County Durham BDSM

Note – Want to meet with a County Durham submissive female ? read this members Durham bondage contacts ad thats justy about the best profile I’ve seen and a clear pure submissive slave thats looking for dominant males from the North East. This profile has been edited due to it size – full profile inside the members section

Female Submissive that needs to be shown the error of her ways and punished by dominant males. Im an experienced sub fem that needs to be shown the error of my ways and looking to meet with a victorian style Headmaster / Dom to aid me with some strict correction including caning / spanking  & harsh punishment that the masters wants to hand out. Continue reading….

14 October 2010 · Category: County Durham  

Essex Swingers party

Note – looking for a Essex swingers party? then read this Bi sexual young couples party details thats looking at holding some group meets at there home in Colchester so read this members advert

If your going to attend any Essex party lets be honest attending one that being set up by a bisexual couples HAS to be the party to attend, although setting up sexual boundaries would be something that would establishing but for other bi couples a party like this would be wild sexual orgy …. yum

I’ve posted some Essex party profile photos although edited to protect the members details so make sure when you log in you view the full personals advert along with photos. Continue reading….

12 October 2010 · Category: Essex  

Yorkshire Escort

Note – Looking to find Yorkshire dressing services, then read this Leeds Escorts personals message thats offer transformation services for crossdress males living around Yorkshire / Leeds, although at a guess as she offers accomodation if you live further afield and happy to travel to West Yorkshire to meet an escort I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear from you

This member is offering a paid service to Yorkshire crossdressers where she will help you transform and advise you on clothes to wear and make up along with dressing you herself and needless to say I would assume the naughty bits that follow afterwards! Continue reading….

9 October 2010 · Category: Yorkshire  

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