What better way to see what real swinging is about than watching swingers porn movies!

I’ve been a porn movie fan every since I was able to get hold of it and then it was the humble old adult video but now porn buyers have a massive range of ways of getting porn fixes, either buying dvds or using the latest method of video on demand that offers instant access to thousands of swingers movies


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4 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

Threesome adult porn movies, we all love threeway sex no lets see the pros play!

I love threesome sex! ok as male you’d not be surprised about that after all what male wouldn’t want to be a sandwich between to sexy girls for some FFM threesome sex, but it may surprise you that as swingers just as many female swingers are looking for threesome contacts, hence the reason for posting this section of threesome streaming porn & dvds


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20 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

Free!!! cum and get ya threesome porn for nothing !!!! – yep its really here

did you know the word free is the most searched term used on search engines closely followed by porn, movies & dvds, but in most cases the use of the word FREE porn is just used to pull people into threesome video websites and in the vast majority case just another of the Internet cons going around Continue reading….

21 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

BBW Porn Movies, you know it doesn’t matter how you want it DVD or VOD we have it covered

So how do you like watching your BBW movies, either streaming, download, ppv or DVDs no matter how you like to get hold of fat women porn movies we’ve got all the options available although I have to say as a tubby chaser myself and a lover of REAL women’s bodies I’m a firm fan of stream BBW porn as I want my porn NOW, but everyone to their own


We have a massive 970 !!! bbw dvds / movies for streaming

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24 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

That’s right FREE BBW DVDS & Movies………….but how ?

As fan of anything FAT, BBW or chunky when I had a chance to watch or I suppose I should say stream free sample BBW porn I was more than interested after all in most cases these so called free BBW porn sample offers are nothing but a con to get you into there site, well this bbw admirer would never to that’s to my fellow chubby chasers, so enjoy Continue reading….

24 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

Not cockold streaming porn CUCKOLD Porn !!!

I’ve long been a fan of cuckoldry porn movies, whether its the fact that your watching some porn dvd or movie knowing that some cuckold husband is sitting there and watching his wife getting a good fucking or just the voyeur in me watching another husbands wife getting fucked, I really don’t know but either way thanks to the Internet we now have a MASSIVE selection of cuckold movies, just check these recent viewed titles

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27 December 2008 · Category: Adult Movies  

BDSM Streaming, download & Bondage DVDs, everything for the BDSM porn movies fan under one roof 

The word BDSM can mean so many different things to different people from rope bondage, femdom, S&M right the way through to heavy rubber, spanking & the more extremes of CBT, so putting a single page up for bondage movies really is next to impossible  so this is just an overview of the recent viewed movies

ashley-renee-latex-slave bondage-babes-vod for-women-only-vod

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9 January 2009 · Category: Adult Movies  

Bukkake cum loving streaming babes, or even DVDs should you wish to buy bukkake porn

Bukkake, anyone know this is a Japanese term meaning where several men stand around a female either wanking off getting blow jobs till they ejaculated over her face and anyone thinking about trying out a bukkake party should really try streaming one of these dvds before contacting a member

american-bukkake-14-vod sticky-mess-vod american-gokkum-8-vod

With over 120 Bukkake streaming I’m sure you’ll be happy – click here

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11 January 2009 · Category: Adult Movies  

Amateur movies, everything for the amateur streaming fan, or even DVDS buyer

Amateur covers so many sub-genres you could easily fill a website with the different themes from home made amateur streaming porn to every different sexual genres where the need is for more homemade looking porn, after all whilst the highly polished Private movies offers almost a dream like movie with the amateur dvds its more like your watching your own home made attempts

amateur-anal-attemps-11-vod my-girlfriend-and-me-vod real-naughty-couples-vod

We have over 8000!!! amateur movies for streaming – click here

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15 January 2009 · Category: Adult Movies  

Dogging DVDs Real UK couples at various dogging locations around the UK, but no streaming

Lets face you’d need to have been living in a box for the last few years if you’d never heard about Dogging and thanks to a few porn studios if your not lucky enough to find a dogging location at least you can buy adult dvds featuring both amateur dogging & professional dogging couples

dogging-medogging-you-dvd dogging-mission-20-dvds real-uk-dogging-2-dvds

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16 January 2009 · Category: Adult Movies  

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