For the purposes of this article we are talking about couples who are considering entering the swingers lifestyle, we’ll cover single guys and girls in other postings but this can be couples that are married or partners of any age from young to mature.

Becoming a swinging couple can be a very exciting way to enhance your sex life and make new friends by meeting like-minded couples and other swingers, BUT it is something that you should only get into if you have both agreed you are 100% happy doing, it isn’t something you should enter into on a whim and here are some questions you should discuss before you even join a contact site:

  • Do you have a good sex life?
    If not then swinging wont necessarily make a bad sex life good it can actually add strain to your relationship! The majority of swinging couples are in very strong relationships and enjoy good sex when it is just the two of them, swinging should be seen as an extension of this for more fun. Continue reading….
2 December 2008 · Category: Articles  

Dogging, although as a concept has been around for decades it is only relatively recently that the expression has become mainstream and is now openly featured in TV programs primarily thanks to bad press certain famous doggers have received. However it has become almost synonymous with the swingers lifestyle now merging this with exhibitionism and voyeurism – certainly nothing to do with walking your dog!

The term dogging is thought to have come from the idea that men would take the dog for a walk but really wanting to peep on young couples shagging in the bushes, they weren’t necessarily “doing it” to be watched but the activity soon became more organised and also moved to people turning up at the dogging locations in their cars.

So how do people know where to go dogging? Short of driving around your local town in the hope of seeing dome action how does everyone know where to meet up? Well there are lots of very publicly announced locations with hundreds of websites listing them but many of these are old, not used or policed, so really the only real way of getting to know where to go is to use contact sites so that you can actually chat with doggers and arrange meetings. Now this might seem like it will spoil the spontaneity of the action but in all honesty it has to be said that this is the only safe way! Continue reading….

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There are so many swingers personals sites online now that it can be hard deciding which one you should join, after all don’t they ALL claim to have the best features, most number of active members and many offer you free membership!

So how do you choose which website you should add your swingers personal ad to? Our advise is to obviously use this one but we are not going to promise you the earth, just a good adult community, hundreds of members from all over the UK & Europe and you CAN join free to give it a try!

However you could join any of these sites and unless you create a good profile/personal ad you probably wont get many decent replies – this is the reason a lot of swingers get fed up of a contacts website but in all fairness it isn’t the fault of the website but the swingers themselves for not putting any effort into their advert – after all you are in a way selling yourselves!! Continue reading….

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Bareback Swingers

Bareback Swinger

If you prefer to have sexual intercourse without using a condom then that basically is what bareback swinging is! This is a term you will see a lot of when you are reading swingers profiles and visiting the chat rooms so at least now you’ll know what they are referring to!

Initially the term barebacking was prevalent to the gay community and when HIV was a risk the general use of condoms both for gay men and heterosexual couples increased but bareback sex then became a selling point for many porn companies and the term has since entered into the general swinging vocabulary with many couples preferring to have sex without condoms, even when it is not with their normal partner or husband. Continue reading….

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Real Dogging Photos UK Dogging couples Amateur Photos

How many times have you seen some website offering real dogging couples private photos or amateur couples dogging pics only to find out its some porn website thats just trying to get you to join there dogging website, well not here, these are dogging members photos that have been taken from members profiles

These couples are genuine dogging couples and NOT fake porn photos hence the reason faces have been blanked out so that identities can be hidden, should you want to read profiles from these couples details are posted on the bottom of the page along with details of dogging locations & dogging dvds

If you want to get the real low down on the UK dogging scene theres only one place to head towards thats the forums, message boards & dogging chatrooms that couples use…….join us TODAY and start meeting local contacts

Members Dogging Photos Continue reading….

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Talk, see & hear using webcam video swinging!

Want to try webcam sex but rather than paying for it why not talk and look at others swinging couples and have the benefit of some free cyber sex! After all if you’re looking for a bit of same room sex then using your webcam is a great way of getting instant access to swingers from all around the world!

Voyeurs everywhere are using webcams to enjoy watching others couples playing and now we aren’t just limited to boring old text based chatrooms where you can’t see or hear what’s really going on, with our swinging community we offer within the membership access to everything a budding swinging voyeur will need to watch, listen & make friends online using your webcam. Continue reading….

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Fake Dogging posted up by Cotswolds Doggers !!

You do have to love the doggers of Cirencester thats posted an offical looking sign that did look like a tourist board sign, but personally I don’t see the problem, after all doggers have to find locations and if they are not a member of a swingers or dogging forum they are going to struggle, but its seems the locals of Cirencester aren’t happy! Continue reading….

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Cap d'Agde Swingers

Say Cap d’Agde in France to most swingers and anyone thats into the nudist & swinging scene will know of it fondly and if they have never been will be one swinging holiday destination thats top of their list, but according to recent press the locals, swingers & nudist are starting to clash, which could be interesting if not the case that they are spoiling a great naturist resort

When people think of nudists sometimes the swinging scene does get tagged in the same group but these are NOT and if you treasure your bits never ask a naturist if he’s a swinger as well, least not unless you have your running shoes on if nothing else!! LOL Continue reading….

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Looking to find an active swingers forum? Then look no further the Swingers Personals Ads as not only do we have one of the busiest swingers forums we have thousands of members submitting new threads and starting discussions on just about anything to do the swinging scene

A swingers forum is the heart of any adult contacts website as it offers members the chance to post views and get feed back, but its not just about posting up questions it also offers a great way for members to share information and arrange meets.For those that are new to the term “forum” and have never seen one working well the best thing is to join the site as its FREE and with the free membership you’ll have full access to the swingers forums and all the discussions. Continue reading….

31 January 2011 · Category: Articles  

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