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North West Couple

North West Couple

Note – It nice when you see old members returning and this couple are looking to meet with others although not what you would class as harden Cheshire swingers so please don’t just send them a one line message ” wanna fuck” as you’ll probably never get a response but if your looking to meet with a couple that enjoy the social ands swinging scene then this couples swingers profile really need checking out and having the advantage of viewing their profile photos can tell you this is one horny couple

Hi we players from the past now returning after increasing our family so looking to meeting up with both old and hopefully great new friends – how every if your idea of dropping someone is a flirt message asking if you want a fuck then please look elsewhere as we are NOT for you

A bit more about us we are swingers theplays and used to play here before under the member name playtime1967 and we’ve been away for about a year expanding our family and now looking for fun lol in a way that only swingers can have ;o).

I’m not into massive profiles after all our photos say a lot about the fact we a re young and sexy couple that have a very stable marriage and very much in love and only looking to hear from similar couples as swinging doesn’t make a naff marriage get better

We view swinging as a way to just throw an extra bit of spice into our already healthy sex life and just make things a bit more interesting and keeps things alive and as a married couple we class ourselves to both be very open minded although that doesn’t mean we are into bdsm, watersports or any other extreme type swapping, we just enjoy good old SEX although saying that my wife does like some MILD spanking but its a playful thing and no real pain

We are an easy to get on with couple that enjoys a drink or three but above all having a good laugh but we don’t respond to members that just drop flirts or one line messages like ‘hiya wanna shag’  so if thats your idea of contacting someone please don’t !!!

We never play on the first meet, after all how can you just meet someone for the first time then swap! well least we can’t so we like to meet on a social basis then if we connect take it from there. We both enjoy the swinging socials as try to attend as many local ones as we can but its dependant on family and work.

Should you see us online or in the chat room please don’t just send a pm without asking as thats bad manners in my view. So hopefully after all this you’ll drop us a line telling us something about yourself and hopefully we can meet for a drink

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24 July 2009 · Posted in Cheshire  


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