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Note. Want to meet with East Midlands Swinger? then read this couples profile message thats been added by Loughborough bi couples! – YES thats right both of this couple are bisexual or at least extremely bi curious, well the wife is more curious than the husband as he’s already tried and enjoy same sex meets

So if you want to meet with a genuine East Mids bi swingers thats keen to hear from local contacts then read this members profile and check out attached profile pics, although they have only attached 3 pics that are posted here.  – These images have been edited and as a full member you’ll get full access

East Mids / Loughborough Couple for sexy fun, please read our profile

Hi sexy people, we are a very genuine couple thats looking to meet males, females and other couples that are either bi swingers or extremely bi curious, please read out personals advert and for more details just drop us a line as we’d love to hear from members.

We will always respond even if its a polite “no thanks” and would appreciate the same in return, least this way your not high and dry wondering whats going on – so about us, we are here for fun and excitement and trying out new and exciting experiences with local couples & contacts around the East Midlands.

First a bit about us, we are a 30’s & 40’s something couple that are just starting to enjoy the swinging scene and keen to hear from members that are East Midlands couples and singles and my wife is bi curious and so far least at the time of doing this article not had sex with another women, I’m orally bi and keen to further explore

First my wife, she’s a experienced and highly sexed women that is also multi orgasmic and is able to keep cumming and cumming ! and like myself adores sex and when meeting with others shes submissive and does enjoy being tied up and mild bdsm.  She has slim figure with lovely 36c tits which are sensitive when played with. She best described herself as being bi-curious but is still waiting for her first bi experience.

East Midlands bi couple

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I’m pretty experienced within the scene and have enjoyed all aspects of swinging with meeting couples, females & other East Midlands bi males and can play everything from being a dominant type master role, to role playing and needless to say same room sex and watching others. I am bisexual but only orally and thats as far as I want to go………least for now

We both enjoy role playing games & fantasy sex games scenario’s built around her being bound / tried up and used although this doesn’t mean hard bondage or pain of role playing is more about fun than pain, thats not us and if your looking for a hardcore bdsm bi couple then perhaps you need to look elsewhere

A a couple as we are inexperienced but are very keen to try meeting with members and get very turned on by the idea off swapping and meeting with others for role playing meets, same room sex, bi swapping or just being watched by another couple

We are very genuine couple and interested in meeting soon so why not drop us a email using the contact form .

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