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Are you considering the swinging scene but not sure, then why not read stories submitted by our swingers after all they say knowledge is power and when it comes to finding out about something new where better to start than reading Stories sent in by our members

It was said that we all have a story deep inside us somewhere just dying to come out and all it needs is a little encouragement, well trust me our swingers need NO encouragement to put fingers onto keyboards and type of stories about what they have been up to

The stories we have submitted tend to fall into two definite categories either real life events or fantasies / fiction and both types of stories offer a unique insight into whats going on inside the writers head and as our site is totally adults only its not a case of trying to read between the lines as EVERYTHING is laid out in front of you.

Check out our huge database of members stories are constantly being submitted either within the forums section or blogs or as the author you have the choice of whether to leave these swingers stories open so members can add comments or close them so they are just available to be read only

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Stories are submitted by all types of members from straight couples, cuckold stories, crossdressing, gay and bi in fact literally anyone that is a member has the opportunity to submit a story and express themselves and know that with our members they will get more than a few members enjoying read their stories either of a fictional or factual and we other you the perfect platform to tell others your intimate thoughts.

As a new swinger you’ll find reading members stories offers an amazing knowledge and insight into the UK swinging scene and whilst watching various swingers videos we all know can give you some idea NOTHING is better than the real deal reading stories from different cultures and experiences and even more hardcore players find reading our members stories a great turn on.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a new or old swinger you’ll love reading our stories and hopefully will even encourage you to drop us a line telling us about your swinging experiences

Recent Stories Submitted

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  • our threesome fantasy
  • my wife squirts like mad need horny males to fuck her
  • how our first bukkake party went
  • straight guy sucking cock
  • swingers clubs our first time playing in group sex

So why not join up today and then you can read these stories and more or submit your own story and let others read about whats happen to you or better still what your fantasying about

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