Wigan Soft Swingers

Note :- Want to meet with Wigan Soft swapping contacts? Whilst this couple are looking to meet with swingers for soft swapping contacts its really about bifem meets as the female/ wife is bisexual swinger….read more

Like a lot of couples the female is bisexual swinger so when meeting with couples its really about the guys / husbands sitting back and watching there female partners play and really what could be better than watching your wife having sex with another women …

But some soft swapping is on the cards which basically means foreplay but no penetration, but that still leaves for a lot of fun so its not just about wives only although its a major part of this couples meets. Read there profile and contacts them for more details…you will have to join but even thats free for basic access. Read more…

3 April 2012 · Category: Lancashire  

Cornwall Bi Swingers

Note – Looking for Cornwall Bi Swingers? then read this couples profile as they are both bisexual and whilst in the vast amount of cases its the wife thats bisexual in this case they are both bi

As a bisexual male the idea of meeting with a Bi couple I can imagine must be fun knowing that it doesn’t matter who gets to suck or fuck or in the case of this Cornwall BBW wife knowing that she can watch her husband having sex with another guy

This couples aren’t just looking to meet with Cornwall Bi males, but females and couples and at a guess I would say its couples they are keen on meeting even more so if both bi swingers! you can just imagine the fun a couple will have meeting with bi members!!

Either way read there profile and for FREE access to this couples Truro bi swingers profile plus loads of others just use the banner at the bottom for FREE access to this couple and loads more. Details as follows Read more…

7 July 2011 · Category: Cornwall  

Wiltshire bisexual

Note – Looking for some bi swinging sex? then read this profile submitted by a Wiltshire bisexual contact thats looking for meets with members and that includes both bi males, females, couples & groups – but this couple do have a bit of kink so read on

I think its pretty clear from the posted image here where there kinky lays and its meeting with other bi contacts that enjoy fisting and being a bisexual male myself that loves being fisted I just wish I lived nearer to this couple. I’ve posted a single photo but they do have a few others so other images posted are from other bi contacts

Hi, thanks for reading out advert we are a Wiltshire couple thats bi and looking to meet with couples / groups / single females or party invites and will meet with some bi males but all contacts will need to be of a similar age to us, please read on and drop us a line Read more…

21 April 2011 · Category: Wiltshire  

Cheshire MMF threesome

Note – Fancy meeting with a bi couple thats looking for MMF Cheshire threesome ? this couple are only looking to meet with genuine Bi males for threesome sex, so genuine means that you are REALLY up for a bi threesome and not just curious about what a bi threesome is about

I often see profiles submitted by couples that are looking for bimale threesome contacts and some of those are happy to meet with guys that are just curious about what a cheshire threesome swingers meet would be like in so much as have sex with couple where the male will have both partners

If your a bimale from Cheshire and fancy some threesome meet then read this couples personals advert and drop them a line for more details as it looks like they are trying to sort a small group meet out Read more…

28 November 2010 · Category: Cheshire  

Essex Swingers party

Note – looking for a Essex swingers party? then read this Bi sexual young couples party details thats looking at holding some group meets at there home in Colchester so read this members advert

If your going to attend any Essex party lets be honest attending one that being set up by a bisexual couples HAS to be the party to attend, although setting up sexual boundaries would be something that would establishing but for other bi couples a party like this would be wild sexual orgy …. yum

I’ve posted some Essex party profile photos although edited to protect the members details so make sure when you log in you view the full personals advert along with photos. Read more…

12 October 2010 · Category: Essex  
Potters Bar

Potters Bar Swingers

Note – Horny couple from Potters Bar thats looking to meet with local swingers ONLY!! mind quite what distance is local is something you will need ask them but this Potters Bar swinger couple only want couples and bifems that are near to them as they are looking for friendships as well as swapping friends

Whilst some couples are happy to just fuck other members and then never see them again ( normally refereed to as harden swingers)  this Herts bi swinging couple want to build friendships and many couples believe the only way to have good sex is to at least know something about the other couple

We are a sexy couple thats pretty horny and looking to play with locals – but please no single males “BUT” we will consider “some” single males details on the bottom and if you don’t match please don’t contact us. Read more…

24 August 2010 · Category: Hertfordshire  

Loughborough swingers

Note. Want to meet with East Midlands Swinger? then read this couples profile message thats been added by Loughborough bi couples! – YES thats right both of this couple are bisexual or at least extremely bi curious, well the wife is more curious than the husband as he’s already tried and enjoy same sex meets

So if you want to meet with a genuine East Mids bi swingers thats keen to hear from local contacts then read this members profile and check out attached profile pics, although they have only attached 3 pics that are posted here.  – These images have been edited and as a full member you’ll get full access

East Mids / Loughborough Couple for sexy fun, please read our profile

Hi sexy people, we are a very genuine couple thats looking to meet males, females and other couples that are either bi swingers or extremely bi curious, please read out personals advert and for more details just drop us a line as we’d love to hear from members. Read more…

2 August 2010 · Category: Leicestershire  
Leeds Bisexual

Leeds Bisexual

Note – Want to meet with West Yorkshire Bisexual swingers? then check this couples profile out thats keen to hear from other couples local to them based in Leeds and whilst they are BOTH bi swingers if your a straight couple they will respect all boundaries

As a bisexual male myself the idea of meeting up with a West Yorkshire Bi couple would be a massive buzz but this couple is only looking to meet with other couples or groups, so if your a couple and straight fine, bi curious even better, both bi well you’ve got a great night of sex ahead of you.

We are a couple although not living together but live a short distance from each other but often will log into the site separably so you may get a response from either of us, but please be assured we are a genuine Yorkshire swinging couple and looking to meet with others – Thanks for checking out our profile. Read more…

13 July 2010 · Category: Yorkshire  

Note – Want to meet with a West Midlands Bi couple thats looking to hear ideally from other bi couples or single swingers either males or females and now looking full swapping meets and if your birmingham bi swingers this profile is a MUST viewing

This members profile they have included a load of swingers pics I presume from parties and meets in Staffordshire so make sure you check this personals advert out – This couple only play safe sex so all penetrative sex is with protection and from a swingers viewpoint the only way to play especially if your actively swapping with other couples

We are a bi couple thats taken extreme pleasure with the meets we’ve had and eager to enjoy more so read our personals advert and drop us a line and whilst being bi that doesn’t mean we don’t meet with straight members as all boundaries will be fully respected ! We would like you to fully read our personals advert before contacting us, as we will. Read more…

8 July 2010 · Category: Staffordshire  
North Shields Bi Swinger

North Shields Bi Swinger

Note – you know bi swingers do get the very best of both worlds and this North Shields swinging couple are both bi so you know one thing for sure meeting with this northumberland bi couple is going to have a lot of naughty swinging meets

This North Shields couple class themselves as dirty and messy couple but have not said just how bi the husband is as some males are only orally bisexual where other males and more than happy to be fucked or doing the fucking themselves so whilst it would seem they have few sexual boundaries its probably a good idea to find out just with type of  bi swingers meet they are looking for

Horny Bi North Shields couple looking for filthy fun with males, females & couples , but always BI!! Read more…

30 June 2010 · Category: Northumberland  

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