Cheshire MMF threesome

Note – Fancy meeting with a bi couple thats looking for MMF Cheshire threesome ? this couple are only looking to meet with genuine Bi males for threesome sex, so genuine means that you are REALLY up for a bi threesome and not just curious about what a bi threesome is about

I often see profiles submitted by couples that are looking for bimale threesome contacts and some of those are happy to meet with guys that are just curious about what a cheshire threesome swingers meet would be like in so much as have sex with couple where the male will have both partners

If your a bimale from Cheshire and fancy some threesome meet then read this couples personals advert and drop them a line for more details as it looks like they are trying to sort a small group meet out Read more…

28 November 2010 · Category: Cheshire  

Loughborough swingers

Note. Want to meet with East Midlands Swinger? then read this couples profile message thats been added by Loughborough bi couples! – YES thats right both of this couple are bisexual or at least extremely bi curious, well the wife is more curious than the husband as he’s already tried and enjoy same sex meets

So if you want to meet with a genuine East Mids bi swingers thats keen to hear from local contacts then read this members profile and check out attached profile pics, although they have only attached 3 pics that are posted here.  – These images have been edited and as a full member you’ll get full access

East Mids / Loughborough Couple for sexy fun, please read our profile

Hi sexy people, we are a very genuine couple thats looking to meet males, females and other couples that are either bi swingers or extremely bi curious, please read out personals advert and for more details just drop us a line as we’d love to hear from members. Read more…

2 August 2010 · Category: Leicestershire  
Leeds Bisexual

Leeds Bisexual

Note – Want to meet with West Yorkshire Bisexual swingers? then check this couples profile out thats keen to hear from other couples local to them based in Leeds and whilst they are BOTH bi swingers if your a straight couple they will respect all boundaries

As a bisexual male myself the idea of meeting up with a West Yorkshire Bi couple would be a massive buzz but this couple is only looking to meet with other couples or groups, so if your a couple and straight fine, bi curious even better, both bi well you’ve got a great night of sex ahead of you.

We are a couple although not living together but live a short distance from each other but often will log into the site separably so you may get a response from either of us, but please be assured we are a genuine Yorkshire swinging couple and looking to meet with others – Thanks for checking out our profile. Read more…

13 July 2010 · Category: Yorkshire  

Note – Want to meet with a West Midlands Bi couple thats looking to hear ideally from other bi couples or single swingers either males or females and now looking full swapping meets and if your birmingham bi swingers this profile is a MUST viewing

This members profile they have included a load of swingers pics I presume from parties and meets in Staffordshire so make sure you check this personals advert out – This couple only play safe sex so all penetrative sex is with protection and from a swingers viewpoint the only way to play especially if your actively swapping with other couples

We are a bi couple thats taken extreme pleasure with the meets we’ve had and eager to enjoy more so read our personals advert and drop us a line and whilst being bi that doesn’t mean we don’t meet with straight members as all boundaries will be fully respected ! We would like you to fully read our personals advert before contacting us, as we will. Read more…

8 July 2010 · Category: Staffordshire  
North Shields Bi Swinger

North Shields Bi Swinger

Note – you know bi swingers do get the very best of both worlds and this North Shields swinging couple are both bi so you know one thing for sure meeting with this northumberland bi couple is going to have a lot of naughty swinging meets

This North Shields couple class themselves as dirty and messy couple but have not said just how bi the husband is as some males are only orally bisexual where other males and more than happy to be fucked or doing the fucking themselves so whilst it would seem they have few sexual boundaries its probably a good idea to find out just with type of  bi swingers meet they are looking for

Horny Bi North Shields couple looking for filthy fun with males, females & couples , but always BI!! Read more…

30 June 2010 · Category: Northumberland  
Congleton Bi Couple

Congleton Bi Couple

Note – Want to meet with a Congleton bi couple? then read this members bi swingers advert, although they are only after TRUE bi males so that means males that are not just curious but enjoy having sex with males as much as females as this wife wants to watch you fucking her husband!

One consideration about this Congleton swinger advert is you MUST be a bisexual male and within your personals advert have photos that not only show your little pecker but your face or if you don’t make sure when you contact them you attach photos otherwise you won’t get a response from this Congleton Swinging couple

So if your bi and looking to have sex and fuck both men and women and along with that have a pretty dirty mind including wanting hardcore sex then this is a profile advert to read, so no straight males to contact this couple.  M+F cock hungry bi couple so read on Read more…

25 June 2010 · Category: Cheshire  
Lincs Bi Swingers

Lincs Bi Swingers

Note – Want to meet with a Lincolnshire bimale? then read this personals advert placed by a married males thats looking to meet with other bi males, females or couples but the husband must be either a bimale or at least extremely bi-curious male!

Whilst this member joined as a single male he’s now meet up with a bifemale so if your looking single swinger and fancy a threesome with a bi twist or if bi couples want to meet with another couple only then drop this guy a line and I’m sure he’ll arrange to bring his bi partner along

As a bimale myself the idea of meeting with a male in the safe environment a house is a lot better an option than hitting the Lincoln cottaging locations that are always a bit risky with the police, although I don’t know if thats what this member has tried, either way meeting online with other Lincs Bi males is a lot safer! so read this personals advert Read more…

18 June 2010 · Category: Lincolnshire  
Hampshire Bi Swingers

Hampshire Bi Swingers

Note – Want to meet wityh a Hants bi couple from Fleet thats looking for bi swingers meets only! which as a bisexual male is from my view the only way to swing and a threeway meet with a bi couple is just about the best sex you can have especially so being bareback couple!

This Fleet Swingers couple are looking for all types of members so if your bi and want to meet up with a sexy couple then read this members personals advert males, females,couples and crossdressers !

The only condition is this couple do enjoy making some amateur porn videos so will want to video that are just for personal use only so if your worried about your face being in a video you better not contact them as this is a must and from looking at this couples profile personally I would worry about some vid camera and contact them Read more…

16 June 2010 · Category: Hampshire  
Kidderminster BBW

Kidderminster BBW

Note – Based in Kidderminster, love your females with some real shape to them? in that case read this Kidderminster BBW personals advert thats been placed by a submissive fat wife and her bisexual husband thats looking for NSA meets with hung males, although please note this is a bbw cuckold advert so pointless asking to meet alone as the hubby will want to watch

This Worcestershire BBW cuckold wife has posted up some pretty impressive photos of her getting fucked and as a member you’ll be able to access more images. So if your looking to meet with horny plump Kidderminster hot wife then read this advert and then use the direct contact link from their profile

The other images used on this page have been taken directly from the members profile but cropped to hide ID – and from reading this members profile looks to me like shes a BBW squirter as well! now thats more than enough reason to contact then, ignoring the fact she’s a VERY hot women ! Read more…

27 May 2010 · Category: Worcestershire  
Brighton BBW Dogging

Brighton BBW Dogging

Note – Looking to meet with a Sussex BBW dogger? then read this members profile from a couple that live around Brighton but also looking for party meets around East Sussex & Kent area and if your anything like me the idea of having sex with a BBW is FAR more my preference than some skinny girl

Although one thing to consider this couple are bisexual Brighton contacts so if your not looking for sex with the hubby as well you better make sure you tell this couple “who” you wanna fuck or getting a dogging BJ from, personally I don’t mind either but I’m a bisexual male so get the best from both worlds with this profile

Either way if your looking to meet with a Brighton BBW and her East Sussex Bi hubby read this members personals message and check out attached photos that are all from this profile, although cropped to hide ID Read more…

14 May 2010 · Category: East Sussex  

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