Dogging, although as a concept has been around for decades it is only relatively recently that the expression has become mainstream and is now openly featured in TV programs primarily thanks to bad press certain famous doggers have received. However it has become almost synonymous with the swingers lifestyle now merging this with exhibitionism and voyeurism – certainly nothing to do with walking your dog!

The term dogging is thought to have come from the idea that men would take the dog for a walk but really wanting to peep on young couples shagging in the bushes, they weren’t necessarily “doing it” to be watched but the activity soon became more organised and also moved to people turning up at the dogging locations in their cars.

So how do people know where to go dogging? Short of driving around your local town in the hope of seeing dome action how does everyone know where to meet up? Well there are lots of very publicly announced locations with hundreds of websites listing them but many of these are old, not used or policed, so really the only real way of getting to know where to go is to use contact sites so that you can actually chat with doggers and arrange meetings. Now this might seem like it will spoil the spontaneity of the action but in all honesty it has to be said that this is the only safe way! Read more…

3 December 2008 · Category: Articles  

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