Essex hotwife

Note – Looking to fuck a Essex Hotwife? for those that don’t know the term hotwife is a swingers term that means wifes that have sex with other males whilst either there husbands watch or are told about the sex afterwards and this Essex hotwife is the later as the husband will not be present

One thing this Essex housewife is looking to meet with experienced members and males that know whats required to not only please a women but just what the UK cuckold scene is …which basically revolves around pleasing married women and in this case this member knows exactly what she wants …..

Read her personals advert and attached photos – the member has more photos within her profile so join us and access her advert and if you think you measure up drop her a message ……enjoy Read more…

23 April 2012 · Category: Essex  

Essex Cuckold

Note – Want to try the Essex cuckold scene? this detailed profile was recently posted by a couple with a VERY greedy wife as not only are they looking for one male they will consider groups and gangbang meets so long as the hubby is around

Its a shame that this couple haven’t posted photos that members can see without contacting them so you will have drop them a message – photos used here are NOT from this Essex cuckold couple but just random images from other cuckold husbands profiles

Hi – we are a couple thats looking for meets with GENUINE bulls and including bisexual males. Please not we have no interest in ctber sex we are here to meet not just talk about sex. Also I do have photos but due to my job I’ve restricted access to these until members contact me. Read more…

2 November 2011 · Category: Essex  

Essex Cuckquean

Note – When it comes to cuckquean contacts they really don’t get much better than this Essex horny female and basically thats to fuck your husband whilst you watch. If you’ve never been into cuckold sex before read on including the members profile below

The cuckold scene has lots of different facets and one being cuckqueans in that female look to meet with couples where the wife in this case is the one that sits back and watches a more dominant female fucking there husband or partner. Often these women are the ones that take the lead role and often enjoy humiliating & teasing weaker males

This member has not uploaded profiles photos as they are restricted within a private folder so all images are random photos not just from Essex, but they are current members Read more…

18 October 2011 · Category: Essex  

Norwich cuckold

Note – Couple thats looking for a young Norwich bull for regular cuckold sex.  Unlike so many other Cuckold personals this couple want younger males as most couple prefer the older type contacts

If you live around Norwich and want to try some cuckold sex then read their personals advert and better still join up for free and contact them for more details and just how to meet up

Hiya we are a young couples from Norwich thats just starting to get into the cuckold scene and enjoying meeting up with horny YOUNG bulls for NSA sex, read on and better still if fir within out needs contact us

A little bit about us, I’m a VERY sexy young blonde wife thats looking to meet with males and find regular fuck buddies / lovers! for sex whilst cucky watches Read more…

20 May 2011 · Category: Norfolk  

North West Cuckold

Note- Read this new profile submitted by North West Cuckold couple and this highly sexy Cheshire Cuckold hotwife and from reading this profile this member is every bit a Hot Wife !! and whilst looking for cuckold meets also looking for Cheshire Group sex.

This is an edited profile manly because there Cheshire sex advert is so long I’ve had to cut it down also all images used are random images from other cuckold couples NOT this Cheshire hotwife – The couple do have images just stored within a private folder so you will have to contact them for access

Hi – Sorry for such a long profile its just we don’t want time wasters sending us messages, hence the detailed profile. So please read all our advert as it will answer all your question and if you want to see my Cheshire greedy wife contact me with your introduction and I’ll forward images over Read more…

6 April 2011 · Category: Cheshire  

Bradford Cuckold

Note – Want to meet with a Bradford cuckold couple, then read on, however this couple are looking to only meet with Bradford black swingers / males and you need to be into the bareback cuckold scene where the husband will be performing cuckold cleanup afterwards!

If your unsure about cuckold or clean up then basically this guy wants to watch black males fucking his wife but this will be for un protected sex as not only will they want to to cum inside his Bradford horny wife but afterwards the husband will lick your cum from the wifes pussy ( clean-up)

So if your a Yorkshire black swinger and want to meet with a couple then read on, however they are only looking for black males so if not then you better read some of the other UK cuckold ads  we have within the site, which trust me we have a lot of hotwives! Read more…

13 February 2011 · Category: Yorkshire  

Midlands Cuckold

Note – West Midlands cuckold couple looking for bulls  / single males but you must be bisexual or at least comfortable about letting my husband suck your cock / perform Midlands cuckold clean up

If your new to the whole idea of meeting with West Midlands cuckold couples then I suggest you do a little research before contacting this couple as this meet is not just about some single guy fucking his wife whilst he watches, the hubby will have some involvement

This couple have restricted access of photos to approved members only so you will have to send them a message to get access and arrange a meet at the same time – either way read this West Midlands cuckold ad Read more…

26 October 2010 · Category: West midlands  
Nuneaton Couple

Nuneaton Couple

Note – you know I love it when members put some efforts into there swingers profile and this couple from Nuneaton have done just that and some more – so if your looking to meet up with a couple thats looking for either cuckoldry or couples for bareback meets then read this Nuneaton personals advert

READ 1st, digest then consider if to respond or not, but please only really contact us if you are serous about meeting and not timewasters trying to pull the wool over our eyes as we’ve been in the swinging scene for sometime and can spot B/S from a mile away ……….right shitty bit over with

Hi, we are couple living in quite part of Nuneaton and M35 & F38 that for the vast amount of time fully heterosexual although my wife “will ” consider sex with women “if” the timing is right and by no means are we saying shes bifem, its about the timing not that shes bisexual Read more…

9 May 2010 · Category: Swingers, Warwickshire  
Arundel Cuckold

Arundel Cuckold

Note – Very horny Arundel Cuckold couple thats looking for single males or to be correct Bulls and especially keen to hear from black swingers / males but there again so is the vast bulk of West Sussex cuckoldry contacts!

Unlike a lot of West Sussex cuckold contacts this couple are young as the bulk seem to be between 35-50 but this couple are both in there twenties and would prefer single males to be of a similar age so please contact that when contact them.

They have not posted profile photos, least ones you can view but have added some inside a private folder so you’ll need to contact them for access and in a lot of cases this is done for privacy reasons although I do personally think its a shame when members don’t let us horny voyeurs get a flash of skin

Either way read this profile and posted here just for something to look at I’ve posted other West Sussex personals just so you can see whats on offer and what members get Read more…

7 April 2010 · Category: West Sussex  
Durham Hotwife

Durham Hotwife

Note – Tell ya you have horny wives then yo  have Durham cuckold contacts that class themselves as “Dirty Married Slut Needs to Fuck” now lets be honest guys when you see a heading like that YOU know a great fuck is on the cards and from the looking of this Wingate Personals advert thats more than on the cards

I’ve posted a cropped photo that this member posted within her / there profile but as she’s only posted up one I’ve added some other photos from North East Swingers just to really give you some idea of whats on offer, although these aren’t necessarily North East cuckoldry contacts just other pics from members

Either way, read this members profile and contact her for more details and better still if you meet up get the hubby to take some photos whilst your shagging his wife so we can update her personals advert! Read more…

2 April 2010 · Category: County Durham  

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