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Cuckold dogging husband from Hampshire, want to fuck this sissy Hampshire Husbands wife whilst he watches then after you’ve cum inside her offer cumeating dogging sex!

The cuckold scene and dogging really go hand in hand as husband take horny hampshire wives to varoius dogging locations, but it depends just how much of a Hampshire sissy husband you are whether you just watch you wife getting fucked or want to join in afterwards and offer up some cuckold cleanup

If your looking to meet with this member they use Eastney Beach for dogging meets but your better off dropping them a message to find out just when they will be around otherwise you could have along wait watching the Solent ! – Read there posting for more information and Hampshire dogging contacts details Read more…

20 February 2011 · Category: Hampshire  

Perth Dogging

Note – Looking for some dogging meets around Perth Dogging? this member is using a location near Kinnoull Hill and whilst it seems like many Scottish dogging locations the boy racers have taken over them its really a case of picking your place to meet scotland dogging contacts, or as this members done pre arrange a meet

With the amount of quite carparks and public dogging parks around Scotland one thing you can be sure of is finding local “secluded” places to meet, which is why the Scotland dogging forums sections gets so much attention!

If your looking to meet with a Perth Horny Housewife for some outdoor dogging meets read her personals advert, although ALL photos are random images from dogging ads as this members not uploaded any photos within her Scottish horny housewife ad Read more…

15 February 2011 · Category: Scotland  

Boston Dogging

Note – Live around Boston, Lincolnshire? want to meet with a very horny Boston dogging  tranny? this members posted up Lincolnshire dogging locations and times where and when he will be for some outdoor sex, which really when your meeting a sexy Boston Crossdresser is the only type of sex you want !!

A lot of our members take advantage of the dogging forums section to post up information and details on currently used locations and its far better to read these than spend hours wating around dooging locations that are no longer use, and from looking at this Lincolnshire tranny he knows all the best places to meet

If you want to meet this member just log in and either read his full profile or other Lincolnshire dogging locations threads or even better still send him a private message asking where and when he’ll be out dogging!! far better then just turning up and hoping Read more…

5 February 2011 · Category: Lincolnshire  

Falmouth dogging

Note – looking for Falmouth dogging location? this couple have posted details one they use at Argal Reservoir car park (Cornwall) and whilst is seems its “on” the radar list for the local plods they are just moving people on.

But like so many couple they are turning towards pre arranged meets so if your looking to meet with Falmouth dogging couple best way is by sending them message and theres every chance you’ll get to fuck this horny housewife whilst hubby watches

Either way read there personals message and for details of more join up today Read more…

23 January 2011 · Category: Cornwall  

Carmarthenshire Dogging

Note – Anyone fancy a Carmarthenshire Dogging meet with a cuckold couple? This couples looking to meet with males for some dogging meets where the husband wants to enjoy first watching his flashing welsh wife teasing guys then some full on dogging sex, whilst the Llanelli cuckold husband watches from the bushes

Its the fantasy of a lot of cuckold couple where the husband will hide and play peeping tom watching his wife from a distance as she flashes off to dogging males and I’m sure a lot of dogging contacts play this role playing game out where dogging cuckolds watch, but this South Wales cuckold couple are looking to do something about it

They are also looking to meet with bifems and couples so read there profile. I’ve attached photos from this Carmarthenshire Dogging profile that show this wife getting bareback fucked and a very nice creampie but they are only looking for safe sex meets and presume the lucky guy fucking this Carmarthenshire cuckold dogging wife is the husband! Read more…

26 December 2010 · Category: Wales  

Oxfordshire dogging

Note – Looking for to meet with a VERY sexy Oxfordshire dogging wife? well and the husband but lets be honest its the wife thats going to get all the attention and this cuckold dogging oxfordshire wife won’t have any problems getting attention from dogging males!

Make sure you log in and check out the dogging photos although they are really flashing wives pics but lets be honest taking photos whilst the wife is sucking some guy off or getting fucked isn’t really cool, after all you mite as well send a flag up when flashes start going off at night in some dark carpark

But, what this couple have done is give some locations details along with some great flashing wife photos at some outdoor locations I’m assuming at either Oxfordshire or Studland in Dorset Read more…

21 November 2010 · Category: Oxfordshire  

Felthorpe Dogging

Note – Anyone fancy some Dogging at Felthorpe near Norwich?  if so read this couples forum posting that looking for some outdoor sex with couples from around Felthorpe / Norwich region – This couple have posted details of where they will be dogging but I would recommend dropping them a message rather than just turning up and hoping

One of the big advantages of meeting Norwich dogging couples via a forum is that you can pre arrange time and a VERY private location, although I don’t know any more details other than the one this couple have posted up, either wat read their posting and drop them a line for more

The Norwich dogging photos posted here are NOT from this couple but random dogging pics posted by our members, that also applies to the other images posted on this page as well, but they ARE members and looking for outdoor meets

We are a couple that live near Felthorpe and are looking to get some fresh bods out dogging around us / in Norfolk. Read more…

2 November 2010 · Category: Norfolk  

Abingdon Dogging location

Note – Looking to meet with an Abingdon Dogging couple? read this members posting thats looking to meet with local Oxfordshire dogging  contacts and from looking at the horny wife in this profile they are not going to be short of getting any action

They are looking for Abingdon Dogging locations and will be at Culham Lock and if your unsure where it is then drop this couple a private message ( a feature members have) for full details and the location, but if not a member then you better check the maps around Oxfordshire

Either way up you up for some outdoor sex read this posting and drop by Culham Lock for dogging action Read more…

31 October 2010 · Category: Oxfordshire  

Thetford Dogging

Note – Want to meet for some dogging in Thetford? then read this posting as this couples setting up some meets near Two Mile Bottom park near Thetford – if your unsure of the directions its –

2 Mile Bottom is near Thetford county Forest Park with the nearest town. To find it follow the A134, Thetford to Mundford Rd. Then approximately 2 miles outside of Thetford, turn right signposted Two Mile Bottom picnic site and you’ve found it

If your looking for some outdoor action and by the looks of things some guaranteed dogging action drop this couple a line and they will give you more details and the full location of where they will be Read more…

23 October 2010 · Category: Norfolk  

Pembrokeshire Dogging

Note – for many males meeting in dogging locations is all they can do to meet with other Wales Bi males and this Pembrokeshire bisexual guy is looking to sort some local meets out around Pembroke Dock in South Pembs

As a bisexual male myself I can relate to guys using Wales cottaging & dogging locations but least the advantage you have with posting details as this member did within the Wales cottaging forum you can pre arrange meets so not so risky than just turning up at Pembroke docks and waiting around for bi or gay cottaging meets !

This members have posted within the dogging forums section so read his posting and Pembrokeshire Bi Male personals advert, so enjoy and for more information drop the wales bi male a line Read more…

5 October 2010 · Category: Wales  

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