Leeds Female Swinger

Note – Want to meet with a Leeds Female for NSA sex? This member has posted a detailed profile and is looking to meet with males and will consider groups, although unlike about 99.99% of female swingers this Leeds female is straight ! LOL

When meeting males shes looking for anal, oral and needless to say always swallow! – Either way read her profile and before you hit the contacts button ( when in the members section) make sure you fully read her profile as one liners and flirts will be ignored

When meeting groups if your looking for a Leeds greedy girl then contact this member as shes more than up for some Leeds bukakke meets. Read more…

17 June 2011 · Category: Yorkshire  

Birmingham NSA sex

Note – Want to meet with a naughty Birmingham female swinger? This members posted a profile thats looking for meets with dominant males that can accommodate around the Birmingham / West Midlands area

This member has also posted up a short amateur video so make sure you log in and view it. The other images posted here are random selection from other Birmingham NSA sex contacts so join us for FREE and contact these female swingers

Hi I’m a VERY naughty female swinger from Birmingham thats a student in the university and looking to meet with males for NSA meets, I’m ready to be used so read my profile and lets meet, I do sometimes travel back to London so could meet males from London, but Birmingham is my main location. Read more…

2 June 2011 · Category: Staffordshire  

Isle Of Wight MILF

Note. Looking to meet with a Isle of Wight MILF for NSA sex on the south coast – well when I say south you can’t get much further  south than the Isle Of Wight!

This mature female swinger from the IOW is looking for one thing along ……thats HUNG males so if your little guy doesn’t measure up then its pretty pointless in contacting this Hampshire Mature female swinger as she only wants guys that are at least 8″

If your looking for some NSA Isle Of Wight sex then read on and make sure you check out her posted photos although to protect member they have been edited but members have full access and considering membership is FREE it won.t even cost you anything to check this IOW milf out Read more…

21 December 2010 · Category: Isle of Wight  

Stockport BBW

Note – Fancy meeting up with a Stockport BBW Swinger? then check this members personals advert out thats looking for males local to her in Stockport / Cheshire

Just make sure that when contacting this member you put some effort into your response so that means no one liners saying you want to fuck her or flirt messages as these will probably end up straight in the trash / bin

Also this member is a BBW member so make sure your looking for a bigger female swinger, and personally given the choice of fucking some skinny women or a BBW swingers like this Stockport female swinger I know I’d be contacting this member straight away, but there again I’m a true BBW admirer and love fucking the bigger female ! Read more…

7 December 2010 · Category: Cheshire  
Fareham Female

Fareham Female

Note – Looking to meet up with a female swinger from Fareham? this member has posted an advert looking for singers across the south coast that want to meet up with a sexy young bifem female

She’s looking for meets with either males, other young bifem females and couples but when meeting couples shes only looking at meeting where the female within the couple is also bifem, so if you live around Fareham read this members Hampshire personals advert

This member has only posted one upskirt photo, although what a great pic so the other images used here are just random south coast young members photos thats are looking for NSA meets with local contacts Read more…

28 July 2010 · Category: Hampshire  
Colchester Contact

Colchester Contact

Note – Want to meet up with a horny Colchester swingers or should I say women? this personals advert caught my eyes for a couple of reasons the first being some of the photos she posted up ……….fucking yum the other being the fact she obviously loves anal sex and anyone that loves bareback sex is always top of my contacts list

not only is she an anal sex fan she also prefers backbacking mind you is there any other way to have anal sex thats bareback, so read her Colchester NSA Contacts profile and if your looking for threesomes, foursome then drop her a message   

Hi, wanna shag a horny Essex women that loves deep hard anal fucking and the wilder side to anal swinging

Hi, I’m a thirty something women that just loves hard, dirty barebacking sex and that can mean anal, group, MMF threesomes so long as the end result is I get loads of sex    Read more…

24 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
Colchester Swinger

Colchester Swinger

Note – This member has posted a photo but as its a head & shoulders photo I can’t really post it hear, but as a member either free or paid you’ll be able to see her, and trust me they don’t make girls from Greece ugly! and this Colchester female swinger will defiant get you hitting the contact button

 Any couples especially if your female is bisexual then this member sounds like shes dying to try sex with another women, and from males viewpoint any guy with a female partner would be one lucky member to get her playing with his g/f whilst he watched

She’s not looking for anything other than NSA fun so read her profile and drop her a line, geeky girl thats seeking swingers / adult fun with intelligent men and couples either with a straight female or bi-curious like myself

My name is Chloe and I was born in Greece, so have a sexy all over sexy tan & olive skin . I’m looking for some real excitement as I have a naff  boring job and surrounded by women so hardly get the chance to mix up with males and don’t even have the chance to do one of my favorite past times which is teasing men LOL Read more…

21 August 2009 · Category: Essex  
Gloucestershire female

Gloucestershire female

Note you knowe its not often that you find a profile where a member is looking for something else other than just a fuck! but by the looks of this this Gloucestershire female swingers has been having some fun meet single males and is now looking for something a little more than just a shag

So if your looking to meet with a girl that CLEARLY loves sex then this is one Cheltenham members profile you really need to read especally if your a single male as I do get the impression shes looking for a little more although shes posted up some great bareback swingers pics and pretty obvously loves anal sex looking at the attached photo I posted her, although it came a close second to the photo of her laying on the bed giving herself a deep what looks like four finger fingering !!

So want to offer something other than just a fuck? read this members profile   Read more…

31 July 2009 · Category: Gloucestershire  
Colchester swinger

Colchester swinger

Note – you know if its a horny Essex swinger your after then check out this recent profile added by Colchester female swingers thats looking for males and females for full swapping sex, but looking for a fuck buddie that will want to go bareback once some regular meets have been estibalbish

If your after a horny male and want to find a partner to hit the swingers clubs then here’s your contact as this member wants to try the clubs but needs a fuck buddie to take her and with most clubs only really interested in letter couples in then if your a single males then this member from Colchester answers all your problems

She’s also looking to hear from bifems for girls only fun so any female swingers from Essex drop her a line, read her profile

Hi, I’m a Selectively horny women thats seeking local sex buddy or buddies for lots of swapping contacts Read more…

29 July 2009 · Category: Essex  
Stamford Swinger

Stamford Swinger

Note – Stamford swinger looking to meet with others for pretty near most things and as a bareback swinging fan this member is also happy to play either with or without protection so you’ll need to speak to her to have this confirmed

You often read female swingers profiles but its really pretty clear this member is about as horny as they “cum” and loves sex and has the naughty promiscuous personality that any male, bifem or couple would love meet up with, I suggest you read her profile and drop her a line 

Hi I’m a VERY big busty girl from Pboro , Stamford, Bourne area thats looking for contacts for full on meets as I love sex and can never get enough and looking to meet with members for fun, GREAT sex, friendship and a bit of company would be nice if thrown in. Read more…
27 July 2009 · Category: Cambridgeshire  

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