For the purposes of this article we are talking about couples who are considering entering the swingers lifestyle, we’ll cover single guys and girls in other postings but this can be couples that are married or partners of any age from young to mature.

Becoming a swinging couple can be a very exciting way to enhance your sex life and make new friends by meeting like-minded couples and other swingers, BUT it is something that you should only get into if you have both agreed you are 100% happy doing, it isn’t something you should enter into on a whim and here are some questions you should discuss before you even join a contact site:

  • Do you have a good sex life?
    If not then swinging wont necessarily make a bad sex life good it can actually add strain to your relationship! The majority of swinging couples are in very strong relationships and enjoy good sex when it is just the two of them, swinging should be seen as an extension of this for more fun. Read more…
2 December 2008 · Category: Articles  

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