Cap d'Agde Swingers

Say Cap d’Agde in France to most swingers and anyone thats into the nudist & swinging scene will know of it fondly and if they have never been will be one swinging holiday destination thats top of their list, but according to recent press the locals, swingers & nudist are starting to clash, which could be interesting if not the case that they are spoiling a great naturist resort

When people think of nudists sometimes the swinging scene does get tagged in the same group but these are NOT and if you treasure your bits never ask a naturist if he’s a swinger as well, least not unless you have your running shoes on if nothing else!! LOL Read more…

28 September 2010 · Category: Articles  
Colchester Outdoor Sex

Colchester Outdoor Sex

Note – you know the idea of running around with nothing on and having some mutual sexy times with others is something I’d love to try and this Colchester Naturist swingers is looking to set a group up with meets for outdoor fun, although finding the location would be interesting, but its thats type of research thats fun!

To give some idea of our Colchester members I’ve posted some other photos up although these are not naturist swingers as they are random images just to show whats on offer

Outdoor nude swingers meets Colchester Read more…

26 January 2010 · Category: Essex  
Hants naturists couple

Hants naturists couple

Editors Note – this Hampshire swinging couple are looking for other naturist swingers and mature couples from Hampshire and or Costa Blanca / Alicante area – read their profile and contact this couple

Hi we are a mature couple  that spends time between of home in Hants & Spain so looking for genuine swingers UK/Spain

we are a mature couple both in our fifties thats wanting to meet up with couples either in UK or Costa in Spain and we are keen to meet with mature naturists swingers either here or Spain for some outdoor fun

We class ourselves as a sociable couple both inside and outside the bedroom or indeed outdoors, and considered pretty good company by our friends and contacts, we are a professional couple that enjoy good company with others

We travel to Spain a lot especially the Alicante area where the swinging scene is very good and we also stay in the Malaga area during the summer months. Read more…

26 May 2009 · Category: Hampshire  
Sandhurst Dogging Wife

Sandhurst Dogging Wife

Note – Sandhurst Horny couple with some of the best swingers photos I’ve seen in ANY profile for a long time. This Sandhurst swingers seem to be into just about everything from dogging, bukkake, bareback & group fucking. If your looking for a horny couple then you really need to check this profile out   

Sexy couple looking for sub and bottom guys, couples and groups for outdoor photo fun and a LOT more. Hi we are forty something couple that enjoy lots of fun and frolics with like minded consenting adults mind you from looking at our photos I think you’ll agree that LOL.

We enjoy most types of swinging contacts and our interests include naturist swingers, nude sunbathing ,bukkake parties, DP, anal sex, MMF threesomes( ideally with a bi males) , oral (the missus loves to be rimmed) and obviously full penetrative bareback anal sex if we gel. Read more…

11 May 2009 · Category: Berkshire  
Nudist Swingers

Nudist Swingers

Note – Dorset Nudist Swinger! – although are their any naturist swingers clubs in Dorset? mind you I suppose having the New Forest on your doorstep means you can just head off into the forest and strip and play anyways ! – just watch out for the ponies LOL

New Forest Nudist and female Swingers  looking to hear from Female and Couple and Group members, please read on

Hi I’m a twenty something married women from Ringwood in Dorset thats a nudist, a mother of two, an least I think so an active swinger you tell me?

I’m very happy and secure within my married and swing with or without my husband but its always with his knowledge as I never play behind his back, he is older than me and whilst we do have good sex he knows I always want more sex Read more…

20 April 2009 · Category: Dorset  
Caravan Swingers

Caravan Swingers

Note – what a great shame these Wednesbury Swingers haven’t posted any photos up! – hopefully they will do soon especially as these are naturist swingers & along with their caravan swinging contacts I bet they have some great outdoor sex fun! – we live in hope, anyways read the profile

Horny couple from Wednesbury that enjoy naturist swinging, dogging & caravan swinging now looking for new contacts and if you know any good Wednesbury dogging locations drop us a line for some sexy fun

Were are a  happily married thirty something couple who have been swinging for some years now and have meet up with many great couples and made new friends.

We’ve in the past enjoyed swingers clubs and some dogging fun around Staffs. Read more…

9 April 2009 · Category: Staffordshire  
Naturist Swingers

Naturist Swingers

Note – Naturist swingers do it in the open – you know I’m sure I remember reading a car bumper sticker that said that LOL – either way these mature swingers & Naturists couple are looking for other mature couples around Kent so read on 

Is Life 4 the living ? we think so, so come on

Very Happy married couple thats both into out fifties ands looking to meet with similar couples or MAYBE single males ( I do hope that doesn’t open the flood gates for thousands of messages )

We both that care of our bodies and whilst in our 50’s still look in pretty good shape so if your younger please don’t let that put you off. Read more…

29 March 2009 · Category: Kent  
Naturist Swingers

Naturist Swingers

Note – When you see a naturists swingers photo like this you really can see why people enjoy the freedom of nudity – Naturist swingers literally lover the open and whilst I don’t know for sure if this couple swing outdoors they certainly love the outdoor nudity

Hi fun loving mature couple from Reading looking for others for swapping fun ………..but PLEASE no single males your messages will get deleted 

Vibrant forty something couple that have both just hit the 40’s so entering into the mature swingers category LOL. We are a professional couple that enjoys dining out, music, sport and needless to say meeting other mature swingers for good clean fun Read more…

28 March 2009 · Category: Berkshire  
Somerset Naturist Swingers

Somerset Naturist Swingers

Note – This South West naturist couple from Somerset have posted a massive selection of photos them and like all good nature loving swingers a load of them are outdoor pics, although looking at the update on the profile they have now moved to Kefalonia

Hi Sexy outdoor loving naturist couple from Crewkerne looking for other couples and single females and if possible naturist couples as we’d love to carry with our outdoor fun and activities – please No Single Males

A little more about us, we are Sue (thats a bifem) and Mel (Male, but not bisexual) both in our fifties,  pretty slim and due to our love for naturism all over tanned

We are both very fit ( for our ages, which I hate saying, we are fit end off) and shaven that are looking for minded couples or single ladies Read more…

29 December 2008 · Category: Somerset  

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