Wigan Soft Swingers

Note :- Want to meet with Wigan Soft swapping contacts? Whilst this couple are looking to meet with swingers for soft swapping contacts its really about bifem meets as the female/ wife is bisexual swinger….read more

Like a lot of couples the female is bisexual swinger so when meeting with couples its really about the guys / husbands sitting back and watching there female partners play and really what could be better than watching your wife having sex with another women …

But some soft swapping is on the cards which basically means foreplay but no penetration, but that still leaves for a lot of fun so its not just about wives only although its a major part of this couples meets. Read there profile and contacts them for more details…you will have to join but even thats free for basic access. Read more…

3 April 2012 · Category: Lancashire  

York Threesome

Note – Looking for a FFM York Threesome? or maybe a bit of North Yorkshire soft swapping? if so read this members advert thats been placed by a couple thats got a wife thats keen to further explore her bifem side!

It really does seem most wives within couples are bisexual swingers! and from the view point of a husband thats married to a bi wife its one of the reason we too joined a swingers website, so I can totally understand the reasoning behind this new couple joining up

I’ve posted a photo from this couple but other images are from other North Yorkshire swingers so for more details just use the banner below, but better still join us its FREE Read more…

19 January 2011 · Category: Yorkshire  

Manchester Soft Swap

Note – Fancy trying a bit of Manchester Soft Swapping meets with a couple? read this members profile thats NOT looking for hardened swingers in other words they want to build sexy friendships rather than just meeting couples and having sex and nothing else

If your looking to build swinging friends from Manchester read this couples profile advert and whilst they have only added a couple of photos to there profile its pretty clear whats on offer looking at this Lancashire horny housewife, they have posted a private photo that hopefully shows the husband

Either way, read this Manchester personals advert and contact them for more details Read more…

29 October 2010 · Category: Manchester  

Bexhill soft swingers

Note – well looking for some Bexhill soft swapping meets with a very horny couple thats looking for females as well as couples but ONLY for soft swap meets so this means no penetration for those that are unsure about the term soft swaps, although when I say penetration I mean the little guy, fingers and tongs are fine, the little guy stays for your own partner

But they are also keen to hear from other bifems and from looking at the photos this women clearly went past being curious about sex with other women a long time ago as the husband has posted a load of photos of his wife having sex with other women, yum

So if your a bifem and want some Surrey FFM threesome  or a couple looking to meet with a another for same room sex then I suggest you read this Bexhill personals advert and better still check out  edited photos attached here from this couple. Read more…

18 August 2010 · Category: Surrey  
Totnes Swingers

Totnes Swingers

Note – Looking to meet up with Totnes Swinging couple, then read this South Devon Swingers personals advert and better still make sure you check out this horny couples photos !! as this couple are looking for Devon Soft swaps with other couples

Its clear this South Devon housewife loves having her photo taken as this couples posted up over 20 photos showing off this guys wife and all I can say is WOW …….trust me you’ll say the same after you check out the pics – they also have another 20 odd pics in a private folder so youll have to contact the couple for access to that

If you want to meet up with a Totnes swinging couple that are new to scene then log in and check this members profile out and if your new to this site basic membership is free so join us and view thousands more South Devon profile adverts

Sexy attractive couple from South Devon thats seeking some fun with other couples only ( please no single males) Read more…

30 July 2010 · Category: Devon  
Banbury Couple

Banbury Couple

Note – forty something couple from Banbury looking to meet with others hopefully local for either full swapping or soft swapping meets as this couple have been in the swinging scene for some years and by the looks of things from reading this members profile are pretty well into most types of swapping & meets

Although they are only looking for non smoking swingers ! and keen to hear from couples and needless to say bifems, it makes you wonder if their are any straight females swingers as every profile I look at the female is bisexual!

Quirky and Wicked!!! Forty something couple looking to meet with others Read more…

19 February 2010 · Category: Oxfordshire  
Staffordshire Swingers

Staffordshire Swingers

Note – you know its not often you come across a members profile where BOTH are bisexual its normally either the female in most cases but with this Birmingham Swingers they are both bi although the male is only orally bi ( which again is normal)

Like a lot of swingers they are looking at getting into the dogging scene and posted up looking for advice and help on finding dogging locations around Birmingham. One of the big advantages of being members of our swingers website is we have dedicated sections for swingers to chat, blog and make forum posting

By using these sections its a great place to post details of dogging information and locations after all whilst theirs loads of dogging sites most of those only post only outdated information, here your asking West Midlands Swingers wheres the best doing locations, so who better to ask

Here’s details of their profile advert along with their recent forum posting . Read more…

17 August 2009 · Category: Staffordshire  
Portsmouth Couple

Portsmouth Couple

Note – couple from Portsmouth Hampshire looking to meet with other couples for soft swapping ( if your unsure soft swapping is where no actual penetration goes on between swapped couples, so in other words lots of foreplay, sucking, licking but thats it least between swapped couples)

Seems to me like this Portsmouth swingers / coupe are up for some fun and with some mild role playing as they enjoy dressing up and some mild BDSM / Bondage as they have posted up some horny photos of this couples wife in some outfits that will guarantee to make your little guy jump into life! least it did for me

Read their swingers profile and if your a couple or a bifem then read on but single males better look elsewhere as they are not interested in hearing from you so don’t send them any messages as they will get ignored Read more…

12 August 2009 · Category: Hampshire  
Gloucestershire New Swingers

Gloucestershire New Swingers

Note – gloucestershire couple that are new to swinging and looking for soft swapping and wife swap contacts and whilst they say new they now have contacts within their profile so not only are they start to meet members but it proves they are serious about meeting couples

Try using the friends database to check out the contact other members have as this can often prove if a couple are genuine swingers and serious abouts meets – They also have posted a load of photos within their profile and some within a private folder so I can only assume these newbie swingers aren’t so newbies anymore

Gloucestershire swingers thats new to swinging scene and looking to meet up with couples only ( please no males ) for horny swaps and adventurous NSA sex contacts

Hi a bit about us, we are complete new to the scene so please be nice to us ;o) we are forty something couple thats looking to meet with other couples.  We are a married couple that we think are attractive and we are both confident within our sexuality and my wife has now also become bi curious about sex with other females. Read more…

6 July 2009 · Category: Gloucestershire  
No Image

No Image

Note – Whilst this Great Yarmouth soft swingers profile on here does show no image they have in fact posted a really nice photo of themselves, problem is it shows only their faces and we don’t show members faces within this section of the site – although once joined up you can view them – even if you join up for free

Other swingers profiles listed within this site do have members photos, but those are not so close up with just faces only – so if your looking for a an attractive soft swapping couple then read their profile and if you want to check them out join up and search for their user name – trust me its more than worth the effort   

Hi – Norfolk couple looking to meet with couples for soft swingers meets  and bifems 

A bit about us we are not looking for one off’s !! more about building long term swapping partners but we do not go all the way and are only looking for same room sex and soft swapping contacts with couples only. We would also like to hear from bifem swingers and we are not a couple that worry abouts looks or age Read more…

26 June 2009 · Category: Norfolk  

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