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Arundel Cuckold

Arundel Cuckold

Note – Very horny Arundel Cuckold couple thats looking for single males or to be correct Bulls and especially keen to hear from black swingers / males but there again so is the vast bulk of West Sussex cuckoldry contacts!

Unlike a lot of West Sussex cuckold contacts this couple are young as the bulk seem to be between 35-50 but this couple are both in there twenties and would prefer single males to be of a similar age so please contact that when contact them.

They have not posted profile photos, least ones you can view but have added some inside a private folder so you’ll need to contact them for access and in a lot of cases this is done for privacy reasons although I do personally think its a shame when members don’t let us horny voyeurs get a flash of skin

Either way read this profile and posted here just for something to look at I’ve posted other West Sussex personals just so you can see whats on offer and what members get

Hi – welcome to my horny little world and where my sexed up girlfriend is looking to meet with horny local guys to us in Arundel or Brighton as we do travel to Brighton a couple times a month hitting the clubs & bars so my horny girlfriend wants studs to give her some XXXtra attention whilst I have the pleasure of watching

AND yes……..we did say single guys contact us, your needed, in fact bring a friend !!!

We are new to the cuckold thing in fact we’ve only recently joined this swingers site after we had a session recently where I watched my girlfriend sucking off two guys at once outside a night club we visit and needless to say found it a massive turn on so keen to find out more and join a site, hence being here.

other West Sussex Contacts

west-sussex-cuckold-1 west-sussex-cuckold-2 west-sussex-cuckold-3

A little bit about my gf she is 26 slim, VERY sexy and always dresses to please when we go out and will often go out with the shortest dress she can find with no knickers on so she can give guys a frill by flashing to them and loves knowing that guys are looking up her skirt trying to she her shaved cunt

She also has a truely amazing ass and love anal sex although any fucking guys is SAFE only as we don’t piss around with this bareback crap its always safe sex or no sex – Oral is fine in fact she loves guys cumming in her mouth and will always swallow

I do find the idea of sharing her a massive turn on and I have no interest in joining in and really just want to watch but if you have a friend then please bring him along especially if you’ve DP a girl before as this is something I’d love to see my GF getting double fucked

We are looking for guy’s between 20 and 30 (Unless your very good looking and hung in which case we will go to 40 !!) but otherwise 20-30 only please and whilst size inst too important she does like bigs cocks

Our idea would be we’d like to meet up have and drink and some fun maybe some light playing & flirt fun outside and she’ll probably be wearing no knickers so you can have a feel and once ready back to ours so you can fuck her silly !! – oh yeah if need be we cam accom.

Find out more details by clicking here

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7 April 2010 · Posted in West Sussex  


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