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Wife Naked Winchester Dogging Location

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UK Swingers Personal Ads | Meet Swingers Here

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Dogging Wife Wearing  Lingerie

Hampshire dogging couple had a bit of a surprise on their first Winchester dogging hookup, although it sounds like clear this submissive wife likes to follow her husband’s orders, want to meet them, check the contacts via free link above.


We’ve been living in Winchester for a few years and whilst back then we had never tried swapping, dogging or anything like that it was something we often talked about during the highs of passion, something later we never chatted about.


My wife “Donna” does enjoy role playing and being a VERY submissive wife! I must say she does very well, so I knew she wouldn’t have problems following my instructions, although I never expected the outcome and find a Winchester Dogging site! … Micheldever Forest Dogging put it on your map!


It started one evening after Donna had just taken an order for some new sexy lingerie that she had ordered online, so was keen to try it out and headed upstairs. She came back shortly afterwards looking fucking amazing with sexy fishnet stockings, suspenders, black thong matching black basque and my first thought was fucking that, followed by second, I want to take her outdoors for some fun in the forest.


Winchester Forset Dogging…

I told Donna to get her long coat as I want to take some photos of her outdoors and head to Micheldever Forest for some nature photography! She didn’t need to be asked twice and got her coat and I picked up my camera bag and a few extra bits that I didn’t tell Donna about.


We got to the woods and the sun was just about gone, but being a full moon still looked like daylight and parking up I told Donna to get out and we started walking into the woods, she was so horny that walking along the path she removed her coat passing it to me and was just walking in her new sexy lingerie.


After a short distance I saw a large fallen tree and thought that it would do nicely and walked over. Donna needed no encouragement to start posing for me and loved me taking photos with her virtually naked outdoors. I then walked over to her passing a blindfold and told her to put it on and lay on the tree.


She followed my orders without question knowing I was filming her and taking photos so lapped it up being porn model. I told her to move her hands between her legs and start teasing and playing with herself, slowly moving her hands upwards towards her pussy but not touching.


Wife Naked Outdoors ..

I could tell she was getting very turned on as sometimes I would see her fingers move over her pussy and slip inside to feel her soaking wet pussy. I ws so involved with Donna that I didn’t hear someone behind me, until he was very close.


I waved him over and told him to go over and get his cock out and fuck my wifes face. With that her walked over and I ordered Donna to open her mouth and with that the guy put his cock against her lips which made her jump at first as she knew I was further away. It didn’t stop her opening her mouth wider as he put his cock into her mouth.


By now her hand was on her pussy and had finger deep inside with her thumb rubbing her clit the guy was fucking her mouth hard and I knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum and I order her to “suck till he cums” and with the she moved her head and tock his cock all the way down gagging her a little but then she got used to him. The stranger grabbed the back of her head fucking hard and I told him “shoot your cum in her mouth”, so he did, unloading 2 large cum loads, he pulled out and zipped up walking away still leaving Donna blindfolded and, on the tree.


Stranger Cums In My Wife Mouth..

I walked over and pulled her up against another tree and then fucked her till we both came…Driving home I showed Donna the photos and video and even then, had her hand back between their legs and we fucked once more at home.


That was the start of our Winchester dogging hookups and we had lots more fun at Micheldever Forest. Enjoy the photos I uploaded and if you live around Hampshire and want to dogging meets message me. But only guys 20-30 and can last now!

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