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UK Swingers Personal Ads | Meet Swingers Here

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The “BEST” Dogging Locations  ..

One of the most searched terms online, least within the swingers and sex contacts genre is “Where’s the best dogging locations” closely followed by a county, also photos of wives dogging, either term will also be top of Google most used words to find contacts.


Its clear that we as Brits do love our sex outdoors, even though more often than not the weather is crap, but if we are lucky then we can get a decent night with a bright moon and hopefully the chance to see someone’s moon as they fuck the wife!


But meeting up with Dogging contacts has changed so much over recent years and what started out a straightforward process of meeting couples or single males in car parks for sex, has changed a lot…Think its about heading to a car park and flashing your lights think again!.


Flash your car lights get fucked!  

Yeah, pull the other one, although never say never, and some members have posted up stories on their members dogging blog where they did just head out to a dark carpark and got lucky finding a dogging couple.


You would be surprised just how many people log onto Google and search for “Dogging locations” and expect to find “real” and even funnier “current” dogging sites! Any information you see online that details a dogging location I can guarantee you is either not being used anymore or about 10 years old and the car park is now a supermarket!


These websites that detail Dogging locations are not doing it for any other reason than just to get you clicking on their site and hoping out of frustration that you click on some dogging porn or videos they have all over the pages.


Find REAL Dogging locations ..

Fact 1 couples and singles love outdoor sex / dogging. Fact 2 most of those contacts now prearrange to meet up via a member only message board or just by sending messages to contacts that are seeking dogging meetups.


As a member you can post and upload your dogging personals advert, telling others you are seeking outdoor meets, by using the features we offer when members are searching for similar dogging contacts your personals advert will be displayed, then its just a case of dropping a message and arranging to meet up.


And what’s even better you can access the site, upload your Dogging locations / meetup profile for FREE. If later you want more features, then it’s a simple case of upgrading to VIP and opening all the extra services to help you make Dogging contacts. Join us today | Find Local Couples For Adult Fun